This is crazyyyy to see actual pictures of the place and events, incredible!

born again brazilian


Last week, we attended the Confederate Festival in Santa Barbara Oeste.

I mean, really, how could we not? While I don’t claim any Confederate loyalty, nor do I believe my ancestors were among those that hung around the South, a small town Northwest of São Paulo that was going to be celebrating the losing side of the American Civil War was something I had to see. And I was not disappointed.

Many might be surprised to discover that a group of Confederates fled the States after the war and headed to the state of SP. They settled in Santa Barbara Oeste, eventually forming their own city called Vila dos Americanos (Village of the Americans), which eventually became the municipality of Americana. With them, they brought their cotton weaving skills and developed a textile industry in the area.

How nice, you might think, as you walk through the festival admiring all the…

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