Hello, I’m amaharini…I love this moniker as I must’ve been an Indian maharini in another life. I have many passions and my entire life have been called a gypsy and a nomad. I love reading books, traveling, writing,  art & design. I am extremely visual and a natural collector, therefore an artist. My path in life, like most, has not been without struggle – I have noticed my life cycles, patterns and my ongoing search and struggle. I have a need for meaning, connection and profundity in life. Thus I’m very focused on health and wellness, psychology, the environment, education, culture, and philosophy. My story is one of a life all over the place. There are definitely threads that run through it all, see if you can see where they are interwoven. Like most people whose instincts have pushed them for healing, my desire is to help others – those around me and/or far away – wherever it may be. I hope that by sharing my stories and inspirations, it will lead to new connections. What I share here is what has turned out to be a rather contrarian life curriculum and what has worked so far for me – I only hope that it is as helpful for you.


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